For the Love of Confetti.

2014-11-08 16.42.39

My sister and I have worked on thousands of craft projects since we were young and we might have an unhealthy addiction to creating what we thought was perfection.  I can still remember the day in my 5th grade class when I was told I could make a sculpture of my choosing. I was so excited that I had free rein and I knew exactly what I would make, my beloved pet schnauzer Pepper.  While other kids in my class were making plates or ashtrays (that was still a thing) I was working hard on how to create a beard for Pepper that really showed her strong personality.  And let me tell you my sculpture captured Pepper’s personality perfectly.

As for my sister Ashley she still remembers having to present what she’s an expert on to her 10th grade English.  She only had 30 minutes to teach her class and naturally Ashley decided to present on how to properly wrap a present. She loved to make her friends and family members feel as special as possible and she felt that wrapping a present is the perfect finishing touch.  By going above and beyond with wrapping a present it shows even more thoughtfulness, care, love, and puts that extra cherry on top.

We believe our passion like anyone else’s is due to our friends, family, and co-workers.  We love to make people feel special and to enjoy any experience.  We want to show our gratitude, love, and appreciation through our projects.  If we can make our parents smile because of our clever Pepper sculpture or our friends smile by going above and beyond with gift wrapping we want to do it.

With a passion for creating, cooking, and entertaining Ashley and I are so excited to start a blog.  Let us guide you through projects for your home, holidays, family dinners, or any type of celebration.  We will let you know every detail that matters with each project we tackle.  A step by step guide on how to create with tips.  A timeline of how long the project really took as well as difficulty, costs, and even our overall review.  Let us help you decide what project is worth tackling based on your timeline, experience, budget, and how much you want your friends or family members to envy your talents.

So dive in with us, and lets get started for the love of confetti.


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