Cranberry Pepper Jelly Dip

Snacks are a necessity when you and your guests wait hours for Thanksgiving dinner.  So we dived right into some appetizers on Pinterest. We found a recipe for Cranberry Pepper Jam dip which was repinned hundreds of time. The original recipe is from the blog Life With The Crust Cut Off. It looked simple and delicious so we had to give it a try.

2014-11-08 13.58.20

Total Price: $11.48

Ease: 5

Putting this together was a piece of cake, you could almost do it with your eyes shut.  You could easily put this appetizer together in 5 minutes.

Impression: 3

Silver Confetti

Overall this was a good dish, but it wasn’t the panda’s bow tie.  Initially we thought it was too sweet so we added more habanero jelly for taste, which seemed to do the trick.  We also tried out regular cream cheese vs. light cream cheese and found the light to actually be better.  Regular cream cheese overwhelmed our cranberry and habanero jelly while light cream cheese complimented it.


1 package of crackers

1 block of cream cheese softened (substituted light cream cheese)

1 cup of red pepper jelly (substituted habanero jelly)

1/2 a can of cranberry jelly

cranberry pepper jam


Spread the cream cheese onto a serving dish.

Mix the habanero and cranberry jelly together in a bowl.

Spread the jelly mixture over the cream cheese.

Serve with crackers.

 What should we try next? Comment below, for the love of confetti. 🙂


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