Gold Thanksgiving Table Setting.

Photo Nov 16, 3 17 16 PM

Well this was a big project to tackle and we had a lot of ideas going into it.  From place cards, table runners, ambiance and more.  We got a lot of inspiration from quiet a few pins on pinterest.

Total Price for all projects listed below: $69.51

Ease: 3

Impression: 5

Gold Confetti without a doubt.

Burlap Table Runner

The first challenge we tackled was the burlap table runner from The Pinning Mama.  We loved the idea of customizing the table runner with the initials of our families last names.  Since my sister is hosting this year we did an F for her maiden name and a V at the other end for her married name.

Total Price: $20.16


  • Sharpie Paint Marker to trace the stencil
  • Marks-A-Lot Jumbo Chisel Tip Permanent Marker to fill in outline
  • Burlap Runner- we bought ours from hobby lobby for $12.00.  You can buy one cheaper online here at Amazon.
  • Letter Stencil- we used Cambria font to create a stencil on cardstock

Photo Nov 16, 1 54 52 PM

Photo Nov 16, 3 00 10 PM

Place Cards

Next we were inspired by these cute place cards from an Etsy Shop named FairfolkWeddings. So we decided to do our own take on them.  We used our own 2 inch wide paper punch and downloaded a calligraphy font that we liked since our hand writing isnt the best.

Photo Nov 16, 1 53 27 PM

Total Price: $2.99


  • 1 piece of white cardstock paper
  • 2″ paper punch in the design you prefer.  If you don’t own a paper punch you can purchase a similar one online
  • 1 pack of pine cones

Photo Nov 16, 3 15 07 PM

Gold Touches

Now for the gold touches on our table.  Our main inspiration was the metallic pumpkin table scape from Better Home and Garden. We loved the idea of combining gold, burlap, and wood. We began with three different sized artificial pumpkins and a stem of artificial maple leaves.

Photo Nov 16, 11 50 49 AM (2)The originals were all orange and green hued so we used Krylon gold foil metallic spray paint to make our vision come to life. After a couple of coats of spray paint we had what we envisioned. Gold e v e r y t h i n g!!!

Total Price $15.42

  • $1.99 for the Medium Pumpkin
  • $5.99 for the Large Pumpkin
  • $1.74/each for the Small Pumpkin’s
  • $2.49 for the leaves
  • $0.49/each Gold Pine cones

Additional Touches

Photo Nov 16, 2 59 03 PM

We also decided to add some tea light candles in gold candle holders($1.99/each) gold plates ($1.00/each) as well as a piece of wood ($14.99) to add ambiance to the total look.

Complete costs for all elements: $69.51

Ease: 3

Gold Confetti without a doubt.


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