Champagne and Glitter

This had to be the fastest and easiest project I have ever done.  So if you’re looking for a last minute gift or party favor for New Year Eve, this is the one!

Finished Mini Champagne Bottle in Silver Glitter Champagne and GlitterChampagne and GlitterChampagne and Glitter

Edit: 1/7/2014  I went back to see if the Mod Podge worked as a sealant, and it did! So after it’s done drying put some more Mod Podge over that bad boy and you will be able to avoid glitter all over your home.

I’ve always loved how fancy schmancy these glitter champagne bottles look and thought they would be great gifts for friends and family members.  So I made my way to my local craft store to pick up Glitter, Mod Podge (I regrettably forgot a spray sealant).  I would definitely suggest using some type of sealant because this glitter gets everywhere.  I’m pretty sure I have some on my face right now.

Ease: 5

Impression: 5

Gold Confetti without a doubt.

Total Price: $22.96 for 4 mini bottles


  • Mod Podge Gloss Lustre Finish  $5.99
  • Advantus Gold Glitter 8 oz bottle $4.99 at Joann’s
  • Advantus Silver Glitter 8 oz bottle $4.99 at Joann’s
  • 4 pack of mini Martini & Rossi Sparkling Wine $8.99 at Target
  • 4 pack of foam brushes $2.99 at Joann’s
  • Scotch Tape FREE (I had some on hand)  but I would recommend getting painters tape
  • Paper Plate or Newspaper FREE (I also had both on hand)

TIP 1: To make this process as easy as possible and not make a huge mess with this lovely glitter I would recommend using a paper plate.  That way once the glitter falls you can fold the paper plate and put the glitter back into the container.

Once you have the plate out you will want to tape off the area you don’t want glitter on.  I just used regular scotch tape since I didn’t have any painters tape but it was pretty hard to see.  However if you use Mod Podge you can see where the glue is going so using tape isn’t necessary. Next you will dip your foam brush in the Mod Podge and paint it all over the bottle where you want glitter.  Make sure to get it to the very bottom, but if you miss any spots you can always go back.  Next sprinkle the glitter all over the bottle to ensure it is fully covered.  If you notice any spots missing glitter you can go back and paint over it with Mod Podge and sprinkle the glitter on the bottle again.  Then let it dry for an hour or so.  Once it’s dry I would tap the bottle over your paper plate to get any excess glitter off.

TIP 2: Use a clear sealant of any sort to ensure the glitter stays on.  I gifted my champagne bottles the next day and glitter kept falling everywhere!

Overall making it took less than 10 minutes and was a piece of cake.  I will definitely be doing this next New Years and for any birthday celebrations for friends. What a great, quick, and impressive gift!

Glitter Champagne Bottle Supplies

Glitter Champagne Bottle Supplies

Using a Paper Plate for Easy Clean-up.

Using a Paper Plate for Easy Clean-up.

Adding Modge Podge to the Mini Champagne Bottle. Pre Glitter.

Adding Modge Podge to the Mini Champagne Bottle. Pre Glitter.

Mini Champagne Bottle Getting Glitterized

Mini Champagne Bottle Getting Glitterized

Finished Project!

Finished Project!


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