A Year in Review

Why not celebrate the little things? This project will help you remember all the good things that happened over the year. Starting January 1st, write all the good things that have happened to you on little pieces of paper and stick them in a container. These could be accomplishments, funny moments… any memories worth saving. Then, on December 31st open the jar and read all the amazing things that happen to you in 2015.

ForTheLoveOfConfetti.wordpress.com Year in Review - Finished Project

I actually wanted to do this project for 2014 but… it never happened. I don’t know about you, but when I think about the past year it can be hard to remember the small things. So when I saw this idea on Pinterest I thought it would be a great tradition to start. I love that you write down the positive thing that happened, when they happen. Then on New Years you open your container and read through everything that you have added over the past year. It almost becomes a mini time capsule.

Now, the project itself is just to find/create a container. Heck you could use a pasta sauce jar but I couldn’t just do that! I happened to have a shadow box frame stashed away that was intended to be used for some picture some where and figured it would be perfect for this project. Since the back of the frame is glass I thought it would be perfect to have a quote which I could easily trace. After searching “positive” on Pinterest I found a quote by Marianne Williamson that was perfect. One TIP, don’t use a regular Sharpie on glass…it’ll look purple and will be translucent. After writing out the first line I decided to go back over it with a Sharpie paint pen (pictured below). It turned out much better but you’ll notice that the first line which I traced over with the paint pen does have some spots. Lesson learned!

Jillian also decided to start this tradition and created a different container. Since she was already adding glitter to champagne bottles she decided to glitterize a mason jar. See our Champagne and Glitter post to learn more about how to add glitter to glass bottles.

Year in Review -Mason JarWhatever you decide, have fun with this one and here’s to a positive 2015!

TIP: If you’re looking for a last minute gift, this would be perfect! Decorate a container and add slips of paper and a pen. Don’t forget to explain what its for. Heck, go ahead and copy the first sentence of this post!!!

Total Price for all projects listed below: $13.98

Of course, if you use a frame or a jar that you already have…it’s $3.99!

Ease: 5

Impression: 4

Gold Confetti without a doubt.


  • Shadow Box Frame (This is a comparable item and would not require a Sharpie Paint Pen) $9.99
  • Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker $3.99 at my local craft store
  • (Optional) Confetti $4.99 for 2.5 oz at my local party store


Quote by Marianne Williamson

Quote by Marianne Williamson

I had to add some confetti!

I had to add some confetti!

Finished Project

Finished Project


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