Love and Pink Burlap

This project was inspired by the many yarn wrapped letters that are all over Pinterest. I decided to take this idea in a different direction by wrapping mini letters in burlap ribbon. Great idea, right? Well… not quite. The finished project looks great but to be honest the process of completing this project was a pain in the neck. As much as I like the look of burlap, the little holes make great spots for hot glue to seep through and burn fingers. After I completed this project I told Jillian to remind me how much I dislike working with burlap next time I have another “great idea”. Of course I’ll probably quickly forget about my pain and will do another project with burlap soon.

Do you like working with burlap? Do you have tricks or a favorite adhesive that you use when trying to stick burlap to other materials? I would love to hear about it in the comments below! Burlap Love

Ease: 3

Impression: 4

Silver Confetti

Total Price: $5.05 plus the cost of glue



This project just requires you to wrap the ribbon around each letter gluing along the way. To get the overlapping layered look, start at the bottom of your letter and work your way up. As you work your way up, glue the top of your ribbon and overlap 1/4 to 1/2 of the previous ribbon. This will create almost a ruffled look. My ribbon was very thick so I cut it into strips. You’ll notice in the picture below that the strips are only a couple inches long. After glueing one letter with those strips I decided it was easier to cut a long piece of the burlap (1/2 inch by 10 inches) so that I could truly wrap it around the letter. I found this method to be a bit easier and required less glue. Be sure that you wrap the bottom of the letter evenly, if at all. This way it’ll stand up without issue ( I didn’t pay attention to this on my “L” ). For the parts of the letter that don’t get covered consider cutting a small piece of the ribbon and glue it to the letter rather than wrapping it. This is what I did on the top of my letters and the inside of the “E”. After you have covered your letters in burlap, paint your heart. If your letters don’t stand up consider gluing them to a stand of some sort, a piece of wood or perhaps a frame. My heart was unable to stand on its own so I actually bent two paperclips to make a mini stand. L<3VE sign Supplies


Burlap Ribbon Cut Into Strips

Burlap Ribbon Cut Into Strips

Finished Product

Finished Product

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