Yarn Letters Are Evil…

Out of all the pins I’ve tried this one is definitely ranked number 1 as most time consuming.  So I must warn anyone reading this that if you attempt this pin make sure you have 4 friends who really love you and will help.  Or have a comfy chair and a show to binge watch while you do this.  I ended up watching the whole 4th season of Homeland. (Carrie is crazier than ever).

Photo Jan 16, 10 29 32 PMxoxo (1)

Ashley also did her version with XOXO and it turned out amazing!  I would like to think this is due to my trial and errors. 🙂xoxo (5)

Ease: 2

Impression: 4

Silver Confetti   

If this craft project didn’t take an hour per letter it would definitely be gold.

Total Price: $19.49

$36.90 (with glue gun, glue stick and zots)


Time:  Each letter except for the “O” took about 45 minutes per letter.  The “O” took an hour and 15 minutes. All in all it took 3.4 hours just to make the letters and a little extra for the learning curve.

Tips: Buy the thickest yarn you can find.  As you tighten the yarn around the letter it will get thinner

I’ve never tried making yarn letters before and didn’t look it up beforehand so it took me a while to figure out the best way to cover all corners of the letters.  Adding the fact that the letters I decided to make were ombre I covered the whole letter one color and then went back to add the ombre effect with another yarn color.


The best way to cover the top of the L, V, and E is to either cut pieces of yarn and hot glue it down or loop it like the photo below.  Looping was the easiest and fastest for me.  For the L and O I started with light pink yarn and for the V and E I did dark red.

Photo Jan 04, 5 30 20 PM

xoxo (4)

Next you will start looping the yarn around the letter like the photo above on the right and left side.  After you do the tops you will start wrapping the yarn around starting from the top and make your way down.  As you are wrapping the yarn around make sure to push the yarn up.  Once you reach the other side you are done with your first color!

Now for the ombre.  I started 2/3rds up the letter from the bottom and hot glued the end of the bright pink yarn to the back.  I then wrapped the yarn around twice then spaced it out to wrap around once, and then spaced it out again to start wrapping the rest of the letter.  For the O and V I did the same on the back side working my way up.  Making space wrapping around once and then making space again and wrapping around twice. Then spaced it out and wrapped around once cut the yarn and hot glue it to the back.

Now just do that 3 more times and you’re done!

Photo Jan 17, 1 13 11 PM

Have you found an easier way to create yarn letters or suffered through a yarn project like this? We want to know! Comment below and share your experience with yarn projects.

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