You light up my life Valentine

Here is my dilemma: I would like to make my hubby a gift for Valentines Day but I don’t want it to be centered around candy. My hubs and I have set a goal for ourselves to improve our diets and try to lead a healthier life. For us this includes no added sugar.  Despite the fact that candy is my favorite food group (I might be related to Buddy the Elf) and Valentines Day is a major candy type of holiday, I want this Valentines Day to be centered around activities and gifts that you can’t eat. Heart Lightbulb

So my dilemma…is there something that I can make my Husband that he will actually like?  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve impressed him on occasion with my projects but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants me to make him one of my projects. Let’s be honest, 97.8% of my projects are on the feminine side. So I turned to Pinterest and while window-shopping for Valentines ideas I actually came across an idea that I had seen over a year ago on Design Sponge. At the time I passed on the idea because it required taking apart an incandescent lightbulb! I just couldn’t convince myself that I would be able to successfully complete the project. Now fast forward to 2015. While shopping at my local craft store I found a light bulb container! Now, it’s not exactly like a real incandescent lightbulb because this bulb has a flat spot to sit on a flat surface but anybody can tell that its a lightbulb when you look at it PLUS the gold lid comes on and off.

With the lightbulb container in hand this project is a breeze! The only skill required is being able to bend a wire into a heart shape.

Ease: 5

Impression: 5

Gold Confetti   

Total Price: $4.98

$9.47 (with plier cutter combo tool)


I used tools that I had available to me. If you are in need of some pliers check out this option on Amazon. These are pliers that have a cutter on them!

Heart Lightbulb Supplies


The first step is to bend your wire into a heart shape. Through trial and error I was able to get something that I was satisfied with. TIP: start with a piece of wire that is longer than you need. You can always cut the wire shorter but you can’t make it longer. I’m sure there are several techniques to shaping wire but the way I did it was to bend the wire in half, squeezing it together tightly to make the crease in the top of the heart.

Step 1

Step 1

Holding the very top of my wire where the bend is, I then bent the end of the wires up and around my needle nose pliers to make the two bumps.

Step 2

Step 2

Now I have my heart shape. I decided to only have a single piece of wire at the base so after I made the wires touch closing off the heart I cut the shorter wire.

Step 3

Step 3

Lightbulb Heart Wire

Repeat these steps for however many you would like (I decided to make two). Just remember that you have to be able to fit them through the opening of the lightbulb.

The next step is to adhere your wires to the lid of the lightbulb. After I had my wire with my hearts I used hot glue to glue them to the lid of my container.

Lightbulb lid

After the glue dried I carefully put the heart wires through the opening in the bulb and screwed the lid on. Easy as that!

Lightbulb finished project Heart Lightbulb

Now since I have decided not to mount this to anything I’m going to make a Valentines Day card with the phrase “You light up my life”. This will hopefully tie the whole idea, gift, and sentiment together!

Happy DIY!

Ashley Signature

Do you like making your significant other gifts for Valentines Day? Tell us about it in the comments.


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