Cupid Arrow’s For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there are so many great ideas out there. I came across a Candy Cupid Arrow Pin from Creative Capital B that I thought it would be great for friends. I of course took my own spin on it and used Hi-Chew instead of gum and used Dove chocolates.


Ease: 4
Impression: 4
Silver Confetti

They were super flimsy and broke easily.  I think its due to the glossy wrapper on the Hi-Chew so I will be giving it a try with a different gum/candy.

Total Price: $3.00/each


TIP 1: When using the hot glue gun put the glue on the Hi-Chew first. If not it will easily fall off the glossy wrapping of the Hi-Chew.


First you will want to cut a skewer. The pointed end will be an inch long like the picture below. The other end will only need to be about two inches long. This one you will use later to add the Washi tape. Feel free to make your own judgment on length by eyeing it. I made a few trial and errors.

With the skewered piece you cut you will stab the dove chocolate until it feels secure. Next you will want to use your hot glue gun to put a good amount of hot glue on the opposite end of the skewer with the dove chocolate. I highly recommend doing this over newspaper so you don’t ruin your table. Next you will lay the chocolate on the table and stick it to the middle of the Hi-Chew.

Cupid Arrow Assembly

Now you will want to add the Washi tape to the end of the skewer that you cut to be two inches. You will wrap the tape around the bottom of the skewer to make the longest piece based on your preference. Mine were about half an inch long. The next section above the skewer will be slightly smaller. And so on. Don’t worry about lining up the tape ends and making it perfectly even.  As you can see from my pic, I didn’t perfectly line up the ends of my tape. I just made sure it was long enough to cut.


From there you will want to lay the chocolate down in your table and stick the end of the skewer with the chocolate to it.

Overall making it took less than 10 minutes and was pretty easy despite the glossy wrapper. It’s a great Valentines Day Gift for a few of those special people in your life.  However be warned its super flimsy. I broke my first batch when I packed them with an orange. Big mistake!

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