Yarn Letters Are Evil…

Out of all the pins I’ve tried this one is definitely ranked number 1 as most time consuming.  So I must warn anyone reading this that if you attempt this pin make sure you have 4 friends who really love you and will help.  Or have a comfy chair and a show to binge watch while you do this.  I ended up watching the whole 4th season of Homeland. (Carrie is crazier than ever).

Photo Jan 16, 10 29 32 PMxoxo (1)

Ashley also did her version with XOXO and it turned out amazing!  I would like to think this is due to my trial and errors. 🙂xoxo (5)

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Champagne and Glitter

This had to be the fastest and easiest project I have ever done.  So if you’re looking for a last minute gift or party favor for New Year Eve, this is the one!

Finished Mini Champagne Bottle in Silver Glitter Champagne and GlitterChampagne and GlitterChampagne and Glitter

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Gold Thanksgiving Table Setting.

Photo Nov 16, 3 17 16 PM

Well this was a big project to tackle and we had a lot of ideas going into it.  From place cards, table runners, ambiance and more.  We got a lot of inspiration from quiet a few pins on pinterest.

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Cranberry Pepper Jelly Dip

Snacks are a necessity when you and your guests wait hours for Thanksgiving dinner.  So we dived right into some appetizers on Pinterest. We found a recipe for Cranberry Pepper Jam dip which was repinned hundreds of time. The original recipe is from the blog Life With The Crust Cut Off. It looked simple and delicious so we had to give it a try.

2014-11-08 13.58.20

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How Do We Rate Our Pinterest Projects?

All Pinterest projects really come down to three things.  Cost, ease, and lasting impression.  We want to you to be able to make a big impression on your friends, family members, or co-workers.  With that said here is the break down of our ratings.

Cost – We want you to know exactly how much our projects cost. So we will give you a flat price for everything.  We will also provide a link to a detailed list of cost per item on each project.

Ease- On a scale from 1-5 we will rate ease based off time spent, and steps taken. You may find that a 1 is time consuming and requires extreme concentration and focus to complete. While a 5 can almost be done with your eyes shut… Almost.

Impression- On a scale from 1-5 we will rate impression based on your projects wow factor. Did you hear squeals from excitiment or oo’s and aww’s? Chances are your project is rated a 5.

Confetti Ratings– This is our overall rating to let you know if the project is worth your while.

Bronze Confetti

This is the project you wish you didn’t spend your Saturday doing.  It was lack luster, time consuming, or expensive. If it is a recipe, you’ll most likely never make it again. If it’s a gift, your recipient will probably stash it in their closet. It could be decorations that you’ll never use or items you’ll re-gift. Carefully consider the outcome before doing these projects.

Silver Confetti

Some will love it, and some might not.  It could really go either way, but it’s up to you.  There is no shame in making this as is.  But it can also be used as inspiration for something even better.

Gold Confetti

This is the bee’s knees, the panda’s bow tie, the cherry on top, champagne bubbles. This will not be forgotten. It is quintessentially what makes our love.  The Love of Confetti.

Now that you know how our projects are rated lets get stated.  For the love of confetti!